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Beware of Bed Bug Scams!

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“Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen warns against scam artists that charge high prices but fail to get rid of bed bugs.”

This newscast has a great message, be very carefull of the exterminator and/or bed bug scent detection canine team you select.

The 98% accuracy they talk about in the video was from a study done at the University of Florida, and the dog trainer’s were J&K Canine Academy.

That is where I purchased my canine, Daisy. We were certified by the NESDCA association. If you live in Ohio and are concerned about bed bugs, call me!

Watch the CBS News Video: http://www.cbsnews.com/8601-500251_162-7362723.html?assetTypeId=58&tag=contentMain;contentBody#ixzz1JskvMy8l