Is your business at risk for Bed bugs?

You can’t afford a bad review because of a bed bug infestation.

Factors that contribute to your business’s risk for bed bugs: Number of employees, Geographic location, Number of customers, Type of furniture provided to employees/customers, Amount of time employees/customers spend sitting while in your business, etc!

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Don’t risk not knowing about an infestation! Call today to schedule an inspection.

Pro-active Inspections

Let us find any Bed Bug issues BEFORE YOUR CUSTOMERS DO! Confidential and customizable inspection schedules can verify that your business is bed bug free, or it will help prevent a low level infestation from getting out of control.

An adult bed bug can travel up to 100 feet in one night and under the right circumstances can  live up to 12 months without a blood meal. Here’s the good news, we can find even 1 live bed bug or viable egg!

Reactive Inspections:

Canine scent detection is the most cost effective way to detect bed bugs during a low-level infestation. Our timely service will save you money by informing you if bed bugs are present or not so you are not paying for unnecessary extermination.

If bed bugs are found, our scent detection team can pinpoint the infested areas. Why waste resources in treating areas that are not affected?

Follow-Up Inspections:

After treatment, the most accurate way of knowing an infestation has been eliminated is by the use of canines. Our scent detection team can distinguish the difference between live bed bugs and deceased bed bugs. This is very important because even if only 1 pregnant female survives extermination, the infestation can repeat itself all over again, potentially costing thousands more!