Act Fast!

If you see bedbugs or bedbug symptoms, have a visible bite/rash from an unknown source, or have seen small unidentifiable insects, bedbug scent detection services are necessary immediately. Our timely service will save you money by confirming whether bedbugs are present so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary extermination.

But the quicker you act, the more you can save in the long run! Allowing an infestation to go for too long may increase the price of extermination. Our bedbug scent detection team can tell if there are still bedbugs or viable eggs hiding in areas that are not visible by human inspection. Furthermore, our scent detection team can distinguish the difference between a live bed bug and a dead bed bug, to prevent any unnecessary extermination. A NESDCA certified bed bug scent detection team is also the only way to know for sure that the infestation has been eliminated.

Working Together

, What if I have a Bed Bug Problem?Canine scent detection is the most cost effective way to detect bedbugs during a low-level infestation. If bedbugs are found, our scent detection team will know exactly where they are located! We can help you in selecting a licensed bed bug exterminator and can work with the exterminator to ensure infested areas are treated properly. This will save you money because you will not pay for extermination in uninfected areas.


Pricing for Reactive-Services varies by size of area being inspected. There is also a discount for return inspections after bedbug extermination. Please call or email for details.