What do Batman, Superman, and Bed Bugs all have in common?

By July 19, 2012Uncategorized

"Dc Comic's" Bed Bug Picture Image

With all the hype about the new Batman movie, I found it ironic that “DC Comic’s” relatively new character is “Bed Bug.” Who has the ability to control people or “Sleepers” by using bedbug insects to infect their minds while they sleep. Once the insects have latched onto the victim, Bedbug then directs the Sleeper to perform various tasks such as robberies. The Sleeper does this while in a sleep walking state and remembers nothing afterwards.

Apparently “Bed Bug” tried to set up Batman, but when Batman foiled his plans, “Bed Bug” ironically went into hiding only to prey on another DC comic character, “Superman.” This is according to an interview with DC’s writer Keith Giffen and writer/artist Dan Jurgens.

With all of the seriousness of bed bugs, I suppose it’s good to see a little entertainment and public awareness of this epidemic.

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