Inspect before your buy or rent.

By March 14, 2012General Bed Bugs

If you are looking into renting new apartments, or buying a home, I’m sure there are many concerns you already have. Proximity to where you work and socialize, along with closet space are all important factors. In Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland parking can also be an issue, especially with the pesky tow trucks ready to practically hall away your car at a moment’s notice. However, countless renters/home buyers don’t think about a sometimes microscopic pest until it’s too late…I’m talking about bed bugs.
Previous fleeting renters may have moved out because of bed bugs. The management may treat for bed bugs, and even assume the pests are gone, but bed bugs can crawl inside outlets, walls, or any crack and crevice, sometimes making treatment extremely difficult.

How to detect bed bugs?

Bed bug specialist use k-9’s to detect for bed bugs. Bed bug canine detection is the most accurate way of detecting these pests.

Bed Bug pest control specialists can charge thousands of dollars to treat for bed bugs, often at the renter’s expense. Cost’s for k-9 inspections for bed bugs are very nominal compared to treatment. Bed Bug detection is especially necessary for renters whose landlords make them sign a document stating that if the unit is infested with bed bugs, the renter is responsible for paying the remediation costs.

Realtors are recommending future home use the service of k9 detection dogs before moving in. Most home inspectors do a great job of inspecting the home for the typical problems that can occur. But, they are not equipped with the nose of highly trained bed bug detection dogs. With the very mild winter Ohio has had, bed bugs are expected to be on the rise in 2012, be sure you don’t have any unwanted guests when you arrive at your new home!

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