Bed Bugs: The Gift that keeps on giving…

By December 21, 2012General Bed Bugs

Don’t let bed bugs become part of your Christmas. If you are traveling this Holiday season, take some precautionary measures to ensure you or you loved ones don’t get the gift that is worse than a lump of coal.

If you are staying in a hotel, look for evidence of bed bugs, including bed bug nymph’s, bed bug fecal matter, and the cast skins. (Pictured to your Right.) Remember, the bed bug fecal matter stains, so if a black spot flakes off easily, it’s not bed bugs.

Here are some additional Tip’s for traveler’s  from the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task force.

What if I’m hosting a Holiday party?

If you are worried about having specific friends or family members in your home who might be at risk of having bed bugs, have them put their clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat before joining your family for the holiday festivities.

Have a designated area for purses, coats, bags, etc. like a garage, bathroom, or other non-carpeted room. NOT THE BED!

The only way to be sure bed bugs are not part of your holiday fun is to have Daisy sniff out any bed bug issues in your home or luggage.

Post flight luggage, inspected by the bed bug inspecting canine.




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