Another Possible Case of Pesticide Misuse

By September 14, 2012General Bed Bugs

There has been another death due to what is most likely pesticide ingestion. A woman from

Avoid Deadly Pesticides!

Wisconisn died in a Bangkok hospital after staying at a nearby hotel where she was apparently was introduced to deadly pesticides. The chemical pesticides could have been used to treat bed bugs. This marks another sad case where pesticides have been used inappropriately. Luckily in the U.S.  we have strict rules governing the sales of over the shelf pesticides, and even stricter laws that pest control companies have to follow.

If you do happen to contact bed bugs, do not try to treat them yourself. I recommend heat remediation to eradicate bed bugs. Not only is heat the most effective way to kill the bugs, its PESTICIDE FREE.  Also, we can bring the dogs through the next day to make sure all the bed bugs and their eggs are dead!

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