What will Bed bugs do in Ohio in 2012?

By March 19, 2012General Bed Bugs

The Queen City-Cincinnati is ranked first in for bed bug cases in all of the
United States.  With these conditions the vibe is anything but royalty. Columbus, ranked 6th and Cleveland ranked 13th are not too far behind. With this very mild winter and spring starting tomorrow, already with a warm forecast, what will happen in 2012?

Will the warm weather affect bed bug cases even more in 2012? It depends on who you ask. Some say bed bugs are only an inside pest therefore the outside temperature will not affect them. Personally, I don’t think that the weather will affect bed bugs like it may affect mosquitoes or other pests. But you can’t deny the fact that bed bug cases rise significantly in the summer months. Also, bed bugs tend to grow and reproduce faster in warmer temperatures.  So, why wouldn’t the warmer weather affect bed bug populations?

Any way, here is an excerpt from an ABC article that talks about the top 50 cities:

Rollins, the corporation that owns seven pest control companies, including Orkin, says it has seen a 33.6 percent increase in bed bug business compared to 2010. The company has just released its rankings of U.S. cities in order of the number of bed bug treatments from January to December 2011.

1. Cincinnati
2. Chicago
3. Detroit (+1)
4. Denver (+2)
5. Los Angeles (+20)
6. Columbus, Ohio (-3)
7. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (+43)
8. Washington, D.C. (-3)
9. New York (-2)
10. Richmond/Petersburg, Va. (+6)
11. Houston (-1)
12. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Calif. (+35)
13. Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Ohio (+1)
14. Boston (+4)
15. Dayton, Ohio (-7)
16. Las Vegas (-1)
17. Honolulu (+55)
18. Baltimore (-6)
19. Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, N.C. (+9)
20. Philadelphia (-9)
21. Atlanta (+24)
22. Lexington, Ky. (-13)
23. Syracuse, N.Y. (+25)
24. Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (+27)
25. Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Colo. (+19)
26. San Diego (+13)
27. Seattle/Tacoma, Wash. (-3)
28. Omaha, Neb. (-11)
29. Buffalo, N.Y. (-16)
30. Pittsburgh (-3)
31. Indianapolis (-12)
32. Milwaukee (+6)
33. Charlotte, N.C. (+13)
34. Phoenix (+19)
35. Louisville, Ky. (-3)
36. Hartford/New Haven, Conn. (-16)
37. Grand Junction/Montrose, Colo. (+30)
38. Knoxville, Tenn. (+4)
39. Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Mich. (-17)
40. Nashville, Tenn. (+15)
41. Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, Calif. (+24)
42. Des Moines/Ames, Iowa (-13)
43. Salisbury, Md. (+46)
44. Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y. (-23)
45. Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (-22)
46. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. (-20)
47. Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, Neb. (-17)
48. Salt Lake City (-8)
49. Charleston/Huntington, W.Va. (-13)
50. West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce, Fla. (+6)


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  • Thomas says:

    I recently visited the Toledo Public Library and when I returned home my wife noticed a BED BUG on my shirt,I know that a lot of men and women go to the Toledo Public Library from the Cherry Street Mission in Toledo.
    What can I,and others, do about getting the Cherry Street Mission to be responsible for this?
    This problem, that the Cherry Street Mission has, with BED BUGS has been publicized for a while then disappeared from the news.I know after reading about BED BUGS that they just don’t “go away”.
    So now I, and others, will have to spend our money on eradicating this terrible infestation while the Cherry Street Mission just keeps spreading this horrific plague.
    Please, what legal grounds do I,and others, have ?

    • Lee says:

      Thomas, did you just see the 1 bed bug? If you think or know that you have bed bugs on your clothes or baggage, immediately when getting home bag everything up and put it into the washer and dryer and run the dryer for 30 minutes after the clothes have been dry.

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