– Can be a another usefull tool for the fight against bed bugs

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Pest Trackers is a free pest services website where you can utilize very
useful tools in aiding you with all related pest issues. We feature Bed
bugs on our site amongst many other pests.

Bed bugs can be very difficult to deal with and we help with issues that
arise from bed bug/pest infestations.

We have included topics such as: Landlord/tenant issues, Inspection of
infestations, Moving from an infestation, Travelling guides and many more
issues are discussed and dealt with to help you through the problems that
pests can bring to.

One of our free services include a reporting and tracking system to report
and locate pests. We offer information and steps to dealing with all the
problems that pests cause.

Pest Trackers is dedicated to helping renters, owners and travellers
against pests of all kinds.


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