Woman Received $71,000 From Bed Bug Bites

By September 23, 2011Uncategorized

A woman (who would like to remain anonymous) stayed at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in San Francisco and during her stay received more than 400 bed bug bites. During her stay the woman noticed blood stains on the sheets as well as insect bites on her face and body. Upon her departure from the hotel she mentioned the bug problem to the front desk.

Within a week the woman’s face and body were covered with hundreds of bite marks along with intense itching. After seeing a doctor she was informed that it could take up to ten days for her skin to fully react to the bed bug bites and related irritants (for example: bed bug feces).

After receiving treatment the woman developed what is called steroid acne. Later, it developed into dermographism, which is a skin condition where you can actually write on your skin.

The hotel decided to offer the woman $71,000 to settle her claim, which happens to be the largest sum of money ever offered to a victim of bed bug bites.

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