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By August 19, 2011General Bed Bugs

The article linked below is labled “Bedbug U: How to avoid the blood-sucking critters at college ” offers great advice for college students trying to advoid picking up bed bugs at college.

The major one’s being this:

  • Six stepsto beat bedbugs

    ■ Douse things that can be washed — bed linens and comforters — in hot water.

    ■ Take a few minutes to perform a bedbug inspection. Examine the mattress from one end to the other, paying particular attention to areas around seams. If you see any telltale signs of the bugs — such as bedbug feces, which look like tiny spots of mold — get another mattress. Also, students should ask for replacement of a mattress that has holes in it that could become a home to bedbugs.

    ■ Do not go dumpster-diving for furnishings. Couches and chairs left by the curb were probably put there for a reason.

    ■ Use bedbug vigilance while traveling. Lift the top corner of a bedsheet and examine the top of the bed. Also, consider checking the screws around the headboard of the hotel bed, which can be a bedbug clustering hangout. Don’t leave your suitcases on the beds.

    ■ Consider purchasing mattress and box spring covers that guard against bedbugs. However, the bugs may still lurk in crevices such as the screw holes behind headboards.

    ■ Watch where you sprawl. Students may want to be more careful about where they sit to study, relax or nap between classes.

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