Rent-A-Center Sued over renting infested Furniture

By July 7, 2011Uncategorized

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  • It is really hard to get rid of bed bugs. i also had this problem and the best solution is to replace all your bed room.

    • Lee says:

      Most proffesional exterminators typically do a good job of treating for them. The problem is that after 1,2 3, or even 4 treatments their still might be some bedbugs left. So what can happen, in a few months the can repopulate and you can have the same old problem with bed bugs that you had before any treatments. That’s where a good caninie scent detection team come’s in. Bed Bug Inspector’s canine, Daisy only alerts on live bed bugs. So if there any any live bed bugs, she will find them and let you know if you need to re-treat!

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