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Bed Bug Inspector, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality canine scent detection of bed bugs and alleviating clients from the burden of this unwanted pest while maintaining confidentiality and saving them money.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for on our website, check out this blog for informative and interesting material related to: Canines Bedbugs, and other information in the scent detection industry.

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  • sms says:

    Much edifying article, I must say. This post is totally inspirational in its own ways and I am confident that it will even succeed in encouraging other people like me.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

    • Lee Johnson says:

      Thanks for your comment! I am willing to answer any and all bed-bug related questions so please try to stump me! The amount of research out right now is astounding so I am constantly trying to keep up, but if there are any specific questions, I will gladly share my knowledge!!


  • Essentially the most popular areas where the these bugs can be observed tend to be the locations in which folks sleep including bed furniture, sofas, a mattress or some times pillows. It can be beneficial to find out the areas where these bugs normally hide, predominantly because when you notice any kind of sign of the infestation you’re going to know where you can try to find them and remove these with a pesticide.

    • Lee Johnson says:

      I agree that the bed & bedroom area tend to be the most infested. However, one of the main goals of bed bug SCENT detection is to locate the pests before they locate you~! For example, If you have recently traveled and put your suitcase in the basement, you could be safe for now, but if you have brought bed bugs into your home in your suitcase, they could be searching you right now! Please call 614-747-3463 to schedule your inspection today!!

      Lee Johnson

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