Daisy Biography

Daisy was rescued from a shelter by J&K Canine Academy, near Gainesville Florida. She was trained by the renowned Jose “Pepe” Peruyero, a retired K-9 police officer who has been scent training dogs for 18+ years.

The dogs at J&K are trained with the same methodology to narcotics detection; but these dogs are trained to detect the scent of live bed bugs and viable bedbug eggs, not dead bugs, fecal matter or cast-off skins.

Daisy and her handler continue to train on a regular basis and meet continue to meet the yearly National Entomology Scent Detection Association certification testing.

Daisy is a happy go-lucky and high energy Beagle-mix. Daisy has a work hard play hard attitude. When she is not hunting bed bugs, she enjoys playing catch with her favorite toys, playing with other dogs, and catching up on sleep!

She would love to meet you and help out with any bed bug issues you might have!

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